Training and Development

Petroleum company; commercial bank; advertising agency; telecommunications company; manufacturing company; insurance broker; police service; investment authority; university; airline; statistics agency; meat commission; pension fund; NGO; tourism authority; insurance company; accident fund; railway company; regulatory authority; government ministry;

Talent Management

Prison service; insurance broker; development bank; university; regional NGO; development finance institution; standards body; enterprise development authority

Strategy Development and Execution

Procurement regulator; think-tank; training company; telecommunications company; regional NGO; government ministry; copyright company; advertising agency; airline; statistics agency; standards body; meat commission; engineers regulator; accident fund; financial services regulator; medical aid scheme;

Organisation Design

Procurement regulator; think-tank; regional NGO; government department; copyright company; engineers regulator; accident fund; oil refinery; stock exchange; railway company; communications regulator; college; primary school

Performance Management

University; procurement regulator; insurance company; insurance broker; telecommunications company; mine; meat commission; regional NGO; financial institutions regulator; tourism authority; airline

Employee Feedback

Regulatory authority; diamond company; electricity supplier

HR on Retainer Services

Cleaning company

HR Policy

Commercial bank; mine; engineer regulator; financial services regulator; international and local NGOs; college


Airline; commercial bank; insurance broker; haulage company; housing authority